About us

Lake Louise.

We’re Jo and Jon, an English couple who have turned our lives upside down. We’ve quit our jobs, sold our home, got rid of all of our stuff and are doing a bit of what the young people call travelling.

We aren’t particularly adventurous and don’t make decisions rashly but really felt that we had got a point in our lives where we needed to take a new path and shake things up a bit.

Now there are lots of people who decide to travel the world and have gap years and most of them write brilliant stories and blogs about their adventures. There isn’t anything special about us except perhaps that we are a little older than most being in our mid 50s.

The Background Story

This isn’t a story of feeling unfulfilled or dissatisfied with what we’ve got or of having a wasted life, in fact it’s the complete opposite. We have done everything we’ve ever wanted to do and been very happy and fulfilled ever since we first met 37 years ago.

I, Jon, was in the Royal Air Force for 6 years and we had a fantastic life serving at RAF Northolt in Middlesex, RAF Marham in Norfolk and RAF Laarbruch in Germany. We had six amazing years socialising and travelling and just making the most of every opportunity that we were presented with. The time in Germany was particularly good as we visited so many places in Europe and probably caught the travelling bug then.

Back in the UK we lived in Nottingham and Leicester before settling in Maidstone Kent where we had our most incredible adventures bringing up our three wonderful boys. I won’t go on about it too much but being parents has been the greatest thing in both of our lives and continues to be. Our boys are everything to us.



So we were in a situation where our boys had left home and started their own lives, and we were back to being newly-weds (almost). We felt that we had a decision to make. Either sit back and enjoy the slow drift towards retirement with more money and time to relax, or get up and take a different path. There is nothing wrong with relaxing after years of hard work and enjoying the better things in life but it just wasn’t for us.

So we decided to take that first step ………………………….

We left England with just a suitcase each and a backpack at the end of May 2015 and flew out to Holland to start our little adventure. We’d decided to spend a few months in Europe quietly adjusting to our new life before heading out to the other side of the world in September. So a month living with Airbnb hosts in Holland, Germany and Austria followed by a few days back in the UK then off to Australia.

We then had 3 months in Australia and another 3 months in New Zealand before returning via Singapore to England in the middle of March 2016.

A few days visiting friends and family and catching up seemed to flash past quickly and we found ourselves back at London Gatwick airport ready to fly off again. This time it was west to the United States and Canada.

We had 3 months travelling around the USA and then spent another 5 months travelling across Canada until we returned to the UK in December.

Canada was absolutely brilliant and the US was equally great. We loved San Francisco, Boston and especially Chicago but our time in Vancouver, Victoria and Whistler was fantastic. The whole trip across both countries was immense and we’ll never forget it.

We had a change of pace and direction in 2017 when we decided to try housesitting and registered on the TrustedHouseSitters site to see how it went. We planned to try a few sits around the UK and also do a few working stays as there are so many places that we still haven’t seen at home. Well it was a massive success. We spent the whole year housesitting and working all over England, Scotland and Ireland and absolutely loved the lifestyle. More of that next year hopefully but currently we’ve returned to New Zealand for a three month adventure.

So far so good.

Great Ocean Road Victoria Australia JWalking

Oh, and because we keep being asked if we’re travelling and we really don’t like the expression we’ve decided that we are ‘Land Sailing’ instead. We are carefully drifting around the world at our own speed doing our own thing.


Please say hi in a comment if you have a moment as we love linking up with people, especially other travellers. Only takes a second or two and it would make two old JWalkers, or LandSailors, very happy.



  1. This is so cool, I am sure there are thousands of people (like me) who are wishing they had the guts to do what you’re doing, just a bit too caught up in our security anxieties. All the best for your ongoing travels! Great blog.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. You made the right decision. You don’t want to be on your death bed, wishing you had traveled when you were still able to do so. Incidentally, I’ve added you to my blog roll; I’ve been very selective about that, and you’re only the second one.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hi, we were in Maidstone Kent for twenty years before making the big decision to go. Best thing we could have done and so far enjoying every moment. So where are you currently?


  3. Hey Jon. It’s your old friend Rich from Magnolia. I trained some of your old colleagues this week on Magnolia. They filled me in on your travels and your blog. Glad to see you’re enjoying yourself with all the traveling. But be honest, you miss Magnolia don’t you 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Rich. Let me think about whether I miss Magnolia or not, give me a minute. Did you go over to the UK to do the training or do it remotely? How was it? Our little trip is going pretty well so far thanks, just getting started really.


      • Lol… Yes, I got to go to the UK. My first time ever. People are so friendly there! I really enjoyed it. Currently I’m doing a US and Europe Magnolia Workshop tour for our new version. It’s great to get out and meet the users and build that relationship. Well good luck on your travels. I’ll check in ever now and then and see how it’s going. Cheers!

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  4. Hi Jo and Jon, I’m so happy to have stumbled across your blog. I think it’s fantastic that you’re embracing life and enjoying travelling the world. I feel very much an affinity with you as myself and my husband (both 50) are like minded travellers and lovers of life. Although we’d like to be travelling more often we get out and camp when we can. And the Prom is one of our favourite places!! Look forward to reading more of your fantastic blog. Safe travels!

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  5. I was nodding my head as I was reading your “About Us” as our back-stories are very similar. We are traveling retirees (I’m 58 and Richard in 66) from the US who took the leap in 2012 to travel. This has been the best decision of our lives and we wish you lots of happiness in your new lifestyle. We keep in mind that It’s not a matter of what we have given up but what we’ve gained by ditching our stuff – Here’s to travel! Anita

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Anita. Sounds like you’re pretty experienced at this travelling lark if you’ve been going for 3 years. We’re having an amazing time so far, it’s been even better than we could have imagined. Plus we have met so many interesting people on the way. Where are you currently? Jonno


  6. Hi there you two,I am so pleased to have found your travel blog, Peppa the pig died about a month ago not because she was ready for the pot,she got sick we got the vet but it was too late,so we were pretty sad about loosing her for a while but at least it took away the problem of having to eat her! J&B

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  7. Hi to both of you…I love reading about your back story – very inspirational and a breath of fresh air regarding reasons and your desires to see the world. Glad we’ve hooked up on twitter and I’m looking forward to hearing about your next leg of the journey – just a few days away now?

    All the best!


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    • Thanks Anita, really appreciate your kind words. We’re enjoying land sailing so much still and just hope people are enjoying reading our posts as we go. Not always easy to know if you are writing interesting content or not.

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  8. I know how it feels to write and wonder if your posts are being read and if your readers are finding them interested or relevant. 🙂 There are so many amazing writing and travel blogs out there now, many written by older travelers which were few and far between when we started writing in 2013. One thing I do know however, is that posting stories and photos makes us better better and more observant travelers and we’ve had a great time participating in the online blogging community. And occasionally, our paths cross and we even have opportunities to meet other bloggers face-to-face! Anita

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    • You’re so right, the more you write the better you get. Practice makes perfect as they say. I’d love to meet some fellow travel bloggers, be great to share stories and ideas. I’d still like to expand my follower numbers but not too sure how to do it. I guess social media is the way to go.

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  9. Well done for living your life the way you want to. We’re the opposite, having spent most of our 40 years of marriage moving around Ireland, with kids in tow, and an eight year stint in Spain, we are now ready to settle down and retire to a little town, live in a tiny house, and chill out on a small boat. But our children don’t believe us – can’t blame them!

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